A Life Changing Experience

On June 8, 2015, Forge Dallas concluded the 2014-2015 residency. As you might know, the Forge Dallas mission is to train everyday men and women to live as missionaries where they're already doing life. We hope lives are changed and the participants are empowered to make a difference in the places they live, work, and play.  

Recently, we asked the graduating residents to answer the question, "How have you changed as a result of your Forge Dallas Residency experience?"

Below are a few of their responses:

"Forge Dallas has given me a new lens to see life."

"Forge Dallas has given me license and language for joining Jesus in his mission in the everyday spaces of my life."

"Forge Dallas has helped me to be present in the places I live, work, and play. I now talk with people and pay attention to people I would have never spoken to and been attentive to."

"Forge Dallas has helped me to see my workplace as my mission field."

"I am an architect. As a result of the Forge Dallas Residency I changed jobs and am now using my gifts to aid in community development so that my city looks more like Heaven than Earth."

"Forge Dallas has given me direction."

"Forge Dallas has helped me see that the primary work of God is not in the church building but in the world around me. I am now asking how can I join You, God, in your mission in my neighborhood."

"Forge Dallas has given me hope for what could be."

"Forge Dallas has given me a picture and real life examples of what it looks like to follow Jesus."

"Forge Dallas has helped me become more like Jesus."

"Forge Dallas has given me a tribe. I do not feel alone."

"Forge Dallas has helped me answer the question, “To whom have I been sent?” I am now mentoring kids in poverty with the hope that wholeness and purpose can be brought to these kid’s lives."

"As a result of Forge Dallas, we moved into the neighborhood we felt called to."

"Forge Dallas helped me to realized that my workplace and my neighborhood are my mission field. I feel equipped and empowered to make a significant difference in these places."

"Forge Dallas has grown me as a leader. I have invited others to live  as missionaries in the places God has placed them alongside me."

"Forge Dallas has helped me make my neighborhood look more like the Kingdom of God."

Pictured are those who competed the 2014-2015 Forge Dallas residency and their coaches.