Each residency consist of the same core components


Residents are required to remain faithful to their local church by continuing to attend regular gatherings, serving, and worshipping with their fellow believers. Becoming a Forge Dallas resident will not take the place of being a vital part of your local church body.  Forge Dallas is not a church-planting network, but exists to help individuals on their journey following Jesus Christ. 


Each resident will be paired up with one coach throughout the residency. One-on-one meetings take place every 2 weeks for mentorship, training, and encouragement. These meetings will take place in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. 

Core Training

Throughout the residency experience, residents will engage in a variety of resources including books, articles, podcasts, videos, etc. from established and accredited scholars, missional leaders, pastors, and practitioners of mission. Residents will also gather 3 times throughout the residency for 2-3 days of intensive training, reflection, & formation. 


Each residency will contain cohorts of 8-12 women & men who, in addition to meeting with their coach, will gather locally to share a meal as a community every 4-6 weeks. These cohort gatherings will provide opportunities for residents to be encouraged, learn from another, and share their personal stories of success and failure.


The vast majority of learning and training must take place in the organic context of the Resident's everyday places and spaces, seeking to understand where they have already been sent to live on mission. Since the goal of Forge Dallas is to create men and women who are missionary-minded in their daily lives, residents are encouraged to continue with their full-time work, school, etc. throughout the residency.