Why Dallas?

Simply put, because we love it here. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is our home and the people are our family.

Because of the richness in diversity, from the people that grew up here to those that have moved here from the West Coast, the Midwest, the Northeast and the other side of the world. As one neighbor and friend said, “It is a melting pot of loving people from all over the world.”

Because this community has shaped us. It has participated in making us who we are today. 

Because of the friends living on the streets and making a way for themselves with the help of many amazing organizations across the Metroplex.
Because of the years of stories, experiences and memories of this area, and with that kind of history, you care deeply for its renewal, redemption, and restoration.

Because when we say, “Thy kingdom come” we think of the businessmen downtown, the passion-filled dreamers at our colleges and universities and the broken lives that sit in their trailers and mansions. 

Because we thoroughly enjoy all the local coffee shops, the restaurants, the breweries, the BBQ and Tex-Mex and the young culinary artists we’re privileged to live near.

Because of the variety in industry; everything from farmers to franchise owners, accountants to artists, teachers to technology gurus, all trying to add value to the lives we live.

Because of all the rivers, lakes, bridges, and open plains.

Because we dream countless dreams of the day this community will look more and more like the Kingdom Jesus spoke of.

Because we’ve been SENT to Dallas and the Dallas-Fort. Worth Metroplex to “seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you...

Because, again, we really love it here.