"Cheese" Won't You Be My Neighbor?

On a recent Friday we had a group of people over from around our community who are interested in blessing their neighbors; we don’t all go to the same church, and some of the folks aren’t followers of Christ. It’s a great group!

There was a knock at my door at 4:30, and I panicked. They were early! It was my neighbor from around the corner who had signed up to bring cheese. She told me she had broken her hand earlier that day and wanted to bring the bag of cheese by in case she wasn’t able to make it. Goodness!

She had her situation handled, and we prayed for her that night. Funny enough, someone else brought cheese, too! I saw her at church two days later, and her hand looked horrible! I told her I’d make her and her husband some macaroni and cheese with the bag she brought, and they said that would be perfect.

My week got away from me (I’m a horrible neighbor!!), and I wasn’t able to make the dish until Saturday. She said it would be fine, so I brought it over to her that afternoon. She invited me in, and I got to chat with her about the weather, kids, and hand injuries. As luck would have it, she had an event to go that night and needed a dish to bring; she asked if I would mind if she took it with her so she wouldn’t have to run to the store and cook something. How perfect! Of course I didn’t mind!

It makes me smile to think that the cheese she signed up to bring last week means that she has something to bring to an event this week, even if it is a little cheesy.

Summer Cromartie - Missional Practitioner & Good Neighbor