Forge Dallas Releases Dates For 2018 Missionary Residency

DALLAS, TEXAS — This week Dr. Kevin Davis the Missionary Residency Director for Forge Dallas, released the dates for their upcoming 2018 missionary residency. This 5-month DFW-Metroplex based training is set for January 20 - May 19, 2018. Forge Dallas is part of the Forge America and Forge International missionary movement founded by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost.

The 2018 cohort of learners will represent the fifth for Forge Dallas. It offers a unique, paradigm shifting and highly hands-on missionary training crafted especially for individuals, couples and churches who want to immerse themselves in missional practices and daily rhythms allowing them to be Jesus in the places God has already placed them.

The Forge Dallas tribe aspires to see the reign of God revealed in the everyday places we live, work, and play. Dallas resident and Forge America Director Ryan Hairston says that, “God is present and active in every place and among every person. Our great privilege as Jesus followers is to pour out our lives in worship of King Jesus and to alert others of his redemptive presence and work in their lives.”

Jim Mustain, Director of Forge Dallas has seen first hand the impact of the residency as a tool in which everyday people are empowered and equipped as Jesus followers to join God in his redemptive mission. Borrowing the words and example of legendary South African missiologist David Bosch, “We join God by announcing and demonstrating the good news of his reign to others. The good news of God’s reign through Christ is meaningfully and powerfully communicated as we befriend, bless, and share stories of life and faith with those in our current contexts.” 

As the Missionary Residency Director, Kevin and his wife Holly are bi-vocational missionary practitioners in McKinney, TX. Kevin earned his doctoral degree in missional studies from George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University and explains that at its core the missionary residency trains men and women to live as missionaries where they are already doing life. 

The main vehicle for the missionary training is the 5-month residency program. Residents are encouraged to continue relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, and communities throughout the residency. A resident’s every day life serves as the context for missionary formation. The Forge Dallas Residency has 5 components…

  1. CHURCH - residents are encouraged to remain faithful and active in their local church
  2. COACHING - each resident will be given a coach to walk through the missionary training process with
  3. CORE TRAINING - residents will learn from other missional practitioners through books, podcasts, videos, and small group teaching and reflection
  4. COHORT - residents will gather together as a cohort for times of fun and encouragement 
  5. CONTEXT - residents are encouraged to continue their normal rhythms of life in their jobs, neighborhoods, and homes as they seek to understand where they have already been sent on mission

For maximum effectiveness the residency is limited to a learning cohort of 15 residents. If you would like more information about the residency or to attend an upcoming informational gathering you can email Forge Dallas Residency Director Kevin Davis at or go to