The Best Donuts in Dallas...per Kevin Davis.

I was a little dubious at first. Fruity Pebbles and vanilla icing on donuts?! Fresh, diced bacon and maple icing on an eclair?! Is this actually going to be a good idea, or what seems like a good idea gone terribly wrong?


Let me back up a bit. My first experience with Momo’s Donuts was a few years ago during my time as a teacher at Howe High School. Howe is a small town north of Dallas on Highway 75 and Momo’s is just north of Howe in Sherman. It may be a stretch to say Momo’s is in Dallas, but their donuts are so delicious, we are going to have to adopt them as part of the metroplex. April, one of my co-workers at HHS, lived down the street from this little, unassuming donut shop that was nestled tightly in between a cleaners and a gas station with little fanfare or signage. April brought Momo’s to the teacher’s lounge once a week. She even texted me when Momo's was on the way so I could prepare myself to stop by her room for glazed and chocolate donuts. These were not the specialty donuts you can enjoy on the weekends at Momo’s, just their light, soft, perfectly sweetened originals. It was at this moment that my fickle donut heart shifted. Goodbye Krispy Kreme, move aside Dunkin, down the list Shipleys…I have found the best donuts in Dallas!

I could go on and on about traveling to Momo’s and eating their fantastic donuts, and that is kind of my point. I have told friends, family, church members, acquaintances, and strangers about my experiences with Momo’s. Donut stories just seem to flow out of me naturally, spontaneously, and with a great deal of passion.

As silly as it sounds, there have been many times in the past when telling stories about donuts was easier for me than telling stories about following Jesus. Following Jesus out of habit, obligation, or boring rituals did not provoke me to share my experiences with passion and spontaneity. The Forge Dallas tribe has shown me that following Jesus is about experiencing God’s reign in my life and then extending the good news of his reconciliation, beauty, justice, and wholeness to others. Now, I have experiences I am excited to share with others and a story I am passionate about telling. 

Dr. Kevin Davis, Director of Missionary Residency - Forge Dallas