Redeeming Sex

We are so excited that Debra Hirsch's new book,Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations about Sexuality and Spirituality, is finally here! This long awaited project has been a labor of love for Deb, and we are so grateful that she has chosen to bare her soul to us and to the world through her writing. She is a truth teller, and we know that this content is incredibly important and timely—not only in the missional conversation, but in the larger cultural conversation around sexuality in our day. 

In her opening chapter, Deb frames her work this way: 

Throughout the book you will find me pointing us toward a much more redemptive understanding of sexuality than the one we ordinarily have. By this I mean that we need to move beyond the largely moralistic, disgraced, traditional dualistic suppression of the body (and the soul, for that matter) that has marked Christianity in the Western tradition. We need to (re)apply to our sexualities the radical grace and salvation that we all must find in Jesus. We must apply this to ourselves and also to our neighbors and society at large. And while I tend to hang out on the more traditional side of Christian sexual ethics, you might be surprised at just how “unconventional” this can look when one follows in the radical way of Jesus.

I want to assure you of my deep, personal participation in the material I humbly lay before you. It is never my intention to overwhelm you or even to necessarily convince you of the rightness of my theological opinion. This book is about the posture one takes, not the position one holds. I do however want to be your conversation partner. So converse with me. Please give me space and grace to be myself—an all-too-human woman who is trying to work this all out on behalf of my Lord and my friends and the mission of the church. I do love God and his people, and want us all to get this right.

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