Training men and women to live as missionaries where they’re already doing life

Congratulations to Ryan Hairston, who along with his wife Laura are co-founders of Forge Dallas. Ryan was  named National Director for Forge America by its Board of Directors in June 2017. While the Hairston's will remain living in Frisco, TX, Ryan will now provide overall leadership to the national Forge Tribe and the hubs all across the country.

The Board of Directors for Forge Dallas has asked current Forge Dallas Missionary Residency Director Jim Mustain to assume the role of Director of Forge Dallas.  In one other change Dr. Kevin Davis has been asked and has accepted the role of leading the Forge Dallas Missionary Residency program.

We are excited to see Ryan continue to use his inspiring leadership gifts via Forge America to come alongside everyday individuals to empower and equip them to join God in His redemptive mission.

In Dallas and around the country we do not want to extract people from their context rather we want to come to them. We are not sending people over borders and across seas rather we are helping ordinary followers of Jesus realize they have already been sent to the places they live, work, or play. It is here in these places we want to empower and equip people to make a Kingdom difference. 

We invite you to consider joining with us in the DFW Metroplex area at one of our upcoming events or our missionary residency program scheduled to begin in January of 2018. 

The mission of Forge Dallas is to train men and women to live as missionaries where they're already doing life.

Live humbly and kind,


Jim Mustain, Director - Forge Dallas

Forge Dallas serves local churches, and partners with universities and seminaries, to train men and women to live as missionaries on their campus, at their workplace and in their neighborhoods.


If you are a follower of Jesus who wants to take the next step on the mission of God, a Residency with Forge Dallas could be for you. 


If you have questions about Forge Dallas, we would like to connect more with you!

Much Love,
The Forge Dallas Team


Find Your Tribe - Why We Chose Forge Dallas

What’s next? That’s the question that stared my wife Sharon and me directly in the face in the summer of 2014. Where did we fit? In leaving a ten year church pastorate and a six figure salary, had we just made one of the biggest and most epic fails of our lives OR had we just taken one giant and freeing step of faith?