Church Planting & Missional Community Formation


The Church Planting & Missional Community Formation Learning Community is an 8-month experience designed to help missional minded pioneers better understand the essential paradigm shifts necessary for effective church planting & missional community formation. We believe that missional communities are the most effective vehicle for church planting and for the church as a whole for making disciples who make disciples. This learning community will also equip participants with the basics in missional community formation, sustainability, and multiplication. 



This 8-month learning community creates an innovative journey of exploration, helping participants shift their paradigms and take action towards greater Kingdom impact. The content is strategically and deliberately designed to challenge paradigms and help participants build a foundation for action.

The journey consists of:

  • One-day Trainings. These trainings combine the relational, experiential, and informational components required for transformation. There will be 3-4 of these for each learning community. Each training will also include teaching from missional practitioners, discussion, and practical application.
  • Monthly Coaching. Coaching will happen monthly with cohort in peer-to-peer, small group learning environments.
  • Onsite Experiences. The cohort will gather 2-3 times on site with local practitioners throughout the learning community. The local practitioners will share their experiences in implementation, including sessions learned and best practices.
  • Suggested Curriculum.



Church Planting & Missional Community Formation Themes

Essential Paradigm Shifts For Church Planting & Missional Community Formation

  • The Missio Dei, God and His mission
  • The Incarnation, Our model for mission
  • Missional Ecclesiology,
  • Mission as the organizing principle Missional Community, The vehicle for making disciples who make disciples

Missional Community Formation

  • Formation of a Missional Community
  • Starting with a Team & Leading as a Team (APEST)
  • Building Congregational Structure

Missional Community LIfe

  • Balancing the Gathered and Scattered
  • Missional Rhythms & Practices
  • Discipleship & Evangelism

Sustainability & Multiplication

  • Leadership Development
  • The Bi-Vocational LIfe
  • Multiplication, The makings of a movement



Every month the learning community participants with gather. Depending on the month participants will either gather for a one-day training or a 2-hour coaching session. Throughout the 8-month experience participants will also engage in suggested curriculum.

The goal of Forge Dallas is for participants to remain in their jobs, schooling, etc. since one’s context is crucial for learning and living the 8-months of formation.



The Forge Dallas Learning Community has a cost of $1,600. This pays for: tuition, training events, training materials, etc.  

Here's how we break that down:

$200 deposit is due when application is submitted

$200 per month for the next 7 months 

Participants are encouraged to bring others on this 8-month journey with them by raising these funds. To break this down even further, one would just need 10 people at $20/month!

We do not want finances to be the main reason why people cannot participate. Scholarships and financial aid will be available by request as resources are available. To discuss scholarship opportunities please contact the Forge Dallas leadership through the CONNECT page.



If you are interested in taking the first step in participating in this learning community, APPLY HERE!