Similar to the Missionary Formation Residency (think internship), there is no quitting school/work or moving to an unfamiliar place for the 4 months of this residency. 

Although the term we use for participants is "resident," these women and men will not be living together. 

Since the purpose of Forge is to create missionaries, we encourage the residents to continue relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, and communities. A resident’s every day life serves as the learning lab or context for missionary formation.  

The Forge Dallas training helps to mature each participant as a disciple of Jesus Christ through personal relationships and action-reflection learning in a combination of one-on-one and collaborative learning environments. 


  • Has completed the Missionary Formation Residency
  • is committed to bringing at least one other person along with them for this learning journey
  • Desires to be coached and guided as they pioneer in the context God has placed them


  • An understanding of how to cultivate environments for pioneering mission
  • An understanding of how to create structures/vehicles for pioneering mission
  • An understanding of essential practices and rhythms for sustaining the pioneer and the missional venture. 
  • An APEST team to pioneer alongside
  • A network & tribe to belong to
  • A dangerous story


Every 4-6 weeks all of Forge Dallas (residents, coaches and leadership) will gather for prayer, sharing stories, and face-to-face connection.

Residents will also be required to attend a weekend conference (Friday-Saturday) 2-3 times during the 4-month residency taught by leading mission practitioners and scholars.

The goal of Forge Dallas is for Residents to remain in their jobs, schooling, etc. since your context is crucial for learning and living the 4-months of formation. Think of Forge Dallas as a learning lab for mission, in the context God has placed you RIGHT NOW. 

Residents are also highly encouraged to remain faithful to their local church throughout the 4-month residency. Sharing stories of God's mission in the neighborhood, within their local church, spreads the "missional DNA" vital for local church communities. 


The Forge Dallas 4 month residency has a cost of $750. This pays for: tuition, training events, books/training materials, etc.  

Here's how we break that down:

$150 deposit is due when application is submitted

$150 per month for the remaining 4 months 

Residents are encouraged to bring others on this 4-month journey with them by raising these funds, much like any other short-term missions trip. To break this down even further, one would just need 10 people at $15/month!

We do not want finances to be the main reason why people cannot participate. Scholarships and financial aid will be available by request as resources are available. To discuss scholarship opportunities please contact the Forge Dallas leadership through the CONNECT page.